Male Athletes

Important Notice – It is vital that athletes and team managers always use the same name or names when entering competitions so as to ensure details correspond to correct athlete. Many athletes already exist in multiple files

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Athlete Power of Ten Tops in Athletics parkrun
Arkensparr Nicklas Click Click 
Balmer David Click Click  Click 
Barron Brian Click  Click  Click
Blackmore Aaron Click  Click 
Brown Corey Click Click Click 
Brown Robin Click Click
Buchan Drew Click Click 
Budde James Click Click Click 
Caughers Ben Click Click 
Corbett Reece Click Click
Corbett Aaron Click Click
Coy Gerry Click Click 
Cummings Simon Click Click 
Donald Stuart Click 
Donald  Alex Click Click Click 
Dyer Michael Click Click Click 
Eakin Terry Click Click 
Elliott Kenny Click Click
Farren Ciaran Click Click 
Gaffney Michael Click Click
Galloway Paul Click Click 
Greer Finlay Click Click
Hamilton Darren Click 
Hawtin Ken Click  Click 
Hunter Callum (was Graham) Click Click
Irvine Nick Click Click 
 Lellyett Norman  Click  Click
Jordan Jonny Click Click
Kennedy Alan Click
Majury Josh Click 
Marsh Francis Click Click Click 
Martin Matthew Click
McCaughan Ben Click  Click
McComb Adam Click Click
McConville Troy
McDermid Craig Click Click Click 
McGarvey John Click Click 
McGrath Johnny Click 
McGrattan Niall Click Click
McGrattan Paddy Click
Athlete Power of Ten Tops in Athletics parkrun
McMeechan David Click Click 
McMeechan Craig click Click  Click 
McMeechan Jamie Click Click Click 
McNutt Charles Sr Click  Click 
Mellon Andrew Click Click
Moore Johny Click Click
Moraghan Zac Click Click Click 
McNally John Click  Click
McNutt Charlie Jr Click Click Click 
O’Driscoll Pat Click Click 
Patterson Trevor Click Click 
Patterson Mark Click
Quinn Charlie Click Click Click 
Reid Mark Click 
Reynolds Ben Click
Reynolds Tom Click Click
Roberts Michael Click  Click 
Robinson Simon Click
Robinson Niall Click Click
Saulters John Click Click  Click 
Scott Dennis Click Click Click 
Seaton David Click Click 
Seaton Simon Click
Sexton Roger Click
Sexton Aaron Click Click
Simpson Kurt Click  Click 
Simpson Reece Click Click
Simpson Thomas Click Click 
Smith Brian Click
Speers Chris Click Click 
Stevenson Ben Click Click
Stockton Matthew Click Click
Stokes Jordan Click Click
Wakefield Oliver Click Click
Wall Tony Click  Click 
Weir Mark Click Click Click
Willis Glen Click Click  Click
Wilson Scot Click
Woods Curtis Click
Wylie Stephen Click Click Click 
Yandall Ethan Click 
Yandall Lucas Click  Click 
Yandall Oscar Fanata Click Click