New Beginnings

‘New Beginnings’ is a training group for North Down AC members. It is aimed at those new to running or coming back after a break, who are able to run 5k in about 27 – 37 minutes (approx 9-12 mins per mile) and not yet comfortably progressed to 10k.

Meeting at Ward Park Bangor on Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm, the session will involve warm-up, a training run or session of about 40-45 minutes, and cool down and stretches at the end.

There is no extra cost involved other than the club membership fee, details of which can be found in our membership section:

Due to the numbers attending on Wednesday nights, it is appreciated if these guidelines are adhered to. This is to ensure a manageable ratio of leaders and participants, and to ensure the club members which the group is aimed at, are benefitting from the sessions.

Those who are able to run 5k under about 27 minutes, and 10k in under about 55 minutes will have more benefit attending the Monday Night group which meets at Bangor Sportsplex at 7.00pm.

Check out the Monday night schedule here:

Alternatively, there is a track session at Ballykillaire Sportsplex every Wednesday, starting at 6pm, which is aimed at all abilities.

For further information please email

Summer Session Plan

02/05/18             Fartlek Session

09/05/18              Distance Pyramids

16/05/18              Hill Efforts

23/05/18              Lamppost Session

30/05/18              Long run


06/06/18              Time Pyramids

13/06/18              Hill Session 

20/06/18              Long run 

27/06/18              Lamppost Session 


04/07/18              Cone Session

11/07/18              Long run

18/07/18              Fartlek Session 

25/07/18              Length Pyramids


01/08/18              Hill Efforts 

08/08/18              Distance Pyramids 

15/08/18              Long run 

22/08/18              Indian File 

29/08/18              Cone Session


05/09/18              Hill Session 

12/09/18              Running Technique 

19/09/18              Long run

26/09/18              Time Pyramids 


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