Previous winners




All 12 events have been completed! Congratulations to all who took part this year, especially those who tried something new.

The final positions have been confirmed as:


1.       Joanne Moran (222 points from 10 events)

2.       Valerie McDonough (185 points from 9 events)

3.       Paula Simpson (149 points from 10 events)



1.       David Massey (219 from 11 events)

2.       Dennis Scott (184 points from 9 events)

3.       Philip Mulligan (156 points from 10 events)

Well done Joanne and David!





Congratulations to Helen Byers and Philip Mulligan for their first place positions in this in-house league for 2015/2016. The NDAC Grand Prix is designed to encourage participation in a wide range of races over the course of 12 months – from the one mile track event at Mary Peters through to the Ards Half Marathon, with a few cross countries thrown into the mix.

Helen scored well on her position at the nine races in which she competed picking up a fabulous 90 bonus points for choosing races she’d never done before. Philip was the only athlete to compete in all 12 races and his diligence and speed were justly rewarded!!! Recognition for their achievements will be made at the Club Christmas Dinner on Monday, December 19th at Helen’s Bay Golf Club.

The Grand Prix for 16/17 will be launched in the next few days with some amendments to the rules and some changes to the races within the competition. The Seeley 10k is likely to be race #1 in the forthcoming year.