Big Splash Triathlon

Incorporating a 750m swim, a 20k cycle and a 5k run, the Big Splash Triathlon afforded Helen Irvine a first test on return from injury, and Colin Walker a first foray into new territory, with both having a successful day out in Portglenone. Helen completed her swim in 21:44, maintaining a steady pace with a 44:34 clocking on the bike, and finishing with a 5k run of 24:52 for a total of 1:34:15 (72nd). By contrast Colin started slowly, taking 29:05 to swim the discipline in which he was least experienced, but after that he picked up the pace significantly, a cycle of 43:43 making up time on those in front and a storming last leg of 22:04 moving him up 20 places to 88th and a commendable debut time of 1:38:47.

Big Splash Triathlon – Results