NDAC Grand Prix

What is it?

The North Down AC Grand Prix is an annual club league designed to encourage all members 18+ of all abilities to wear your gold and blue vest with pride and get out there to race for the club. Racing is a great way to meet your club mates and experience the camaraderie of club life while improving your running fitness. The Grand Prix comprises of 12 events throughout the year of various distances and terrain guaranteed to keep it interesting.

Where do I sign up?

All members of the club 18 and over are automatically included and requires no up front commitment of any kind. The league race list for the year is published here and you can choose to race as many of them as you want to.

How do I win?

There are 12 events to race throughout the year and you earn points for each event you run. Once all races have been run the athletes with the most points wins. There are separate leagues for men and women so there are two winners.

Best of luck, and have fun!

Current GP league

Past results