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Primary School track and field mini meeting 1, Bangor Sportsplex 17/04/24

Daly Seaton

After an absence of four years, North Down AC’s mini meetings returned on
Wednesday evening at the Bangor Sportsplex. On a sunny but cold evening over
150 young athletes from local schools and beyond took part in a range of events with
some great performances from North Down athletes.
In the P5 events, Aria Wright (Model) was the club’s sole female representative. Aria
was 4th in heat 2 of the 60 metres (11.2), 10th in the 600m (3.11.40) and 8th in the long
jump (1.83m). There were a good number of male P5 athletes, with Daly Seaton
(Glencraig) getting on the podium having finished 2nd in the 600m (2.06.00). Also
taking part in the 600m were Harrison Mair (St Comgalls) – 2.09.50, Rory
McCullough (Ballyholme) – 2.16.20, Woodie Cram (Ballyholme) – 2.16.90, Finn
McCullough (Ballyholme) – 2.20.90 and Avery Kane (Rathmore) – 2.23.90. In the
60m the fastest finisher was Daly Seaton (9.5), followed by Harrison Mair (9.7), Finn
McCullough (9.9), Woodie Cram (10.2), Rory McCullough (10.3) and Avery Kane
(11.7). In the long jump, Woodie Cram was 6th (2.29m), Harrison Mair 7th (2.28m)
and Avery Kane 13 th (1.88m). Finally in the shot put, Rory McCullough was 7th
(4.13m) and his twin Finn was 13th (3.29m).
Moving onto the P6 events, it was a good evening for Rose Reavy (Towerview), who
was first in the 60m (8.5), 3rd in the 600m (2.17.50) and 5th in the long jump (2.73m).
Also making the podium were Charlotte Walker (Ballymagee) who was 1st in the
600m (2.10.20), Megan Walker (Londonderry) who was 2nd in the 60m (8.5) and Alani
Santos (Towerview) who was 3rd in the long jump (2.80m). Charlotte also competed
in the 60m (10.5), whilst Megan was also 4th in the 600m (2.22.40) and 7th in the
long jump (2.38m), and Alani also took part in the 60m (9.5) and was 8th in the 600m
(2.26.30). Also competing were Molly Rankin (Towerview) who ran 10.8 in the 60m,
finished 10th in the 600m (2.28.60) and 9th in the long jump (2.21m), Jody Thompson
(Kilmaine) who ran 10.7 in the 60m, was 14th in the long jump (1.95m) and 10th in the
shot put (3.5m), Isla McQuillan (Sullivan Prep) who ran 10.9 in the 60m, was 18th in
the long jump (1.77m) and 7th in the shot put (3.85m) and Elena Kelly (Penrhyn Prep)
who ran the 60m in 10 seconds and was 5th in the 600m (2.22.70).
Another Towerview pupil, Ben Dumigan performed very well in the P6 boys’ events.
Ben won the 600m in 2.01.20 and the long jump (3.71m) and was 3rd in the 60m
(8.8). Also making the podium was Reuben Dunne (Towerview) who was 3rd in the
shot put (4.26m). Reuben also took part in the 600m (2.22.60) and was 10th in the
long jump (2.91m). Also competing were Lucas Mair (Killard House) who ran 11.8 in
the 60m, 2.44.80 in the 600m and jumped 1.60m in the long jump, Jack Curry
(Rathmore) who was 13th in the long jump (2.73m) and 7 h in the shot put (4.08m) and
Orin Henry (Ballymagee) who was 8th in the shot put (3.9m) and jumped 1.42m in the
long jump. Special mention must also go to Noah Morrow (Clandeboye) who
competed in the 60m despite having a broken finger.

In the P7 girls the star performer was Daisy Mullin (Ballyholme) who won the 60m in
8.9, was 2nd in the 600m (2.06.20) and the shot put (5.92m) and was 5th in the long
jump (3.12m). Also taking part was Cara Keag (St Comgalls) who ran the 60m in
10.5, the 600m in 2.57.20 and was 7 th in the long jump (2.88m). In the boys’ events,
Charlie Holley of Ballyholme won both the long jump (4.12m) and the shot put
(6.3m). Furthermore, Isaac Hall (Glencraig) just missed out on first place in the 600m
and picked up the silver medal in a time of 2.02.30. Also getting on the podium was
Adam Downey (Towerview) who was 2nd in the shot put (5.57m). Adam was also 5th in
the 600m (2.21.30) and 7th in the long jump (2.28m). Henry McCallen (Abbey) also
competed in the shot put.
Special thanks go to the organisers of this event, Steven Donegan and Hannah
Dunne, and all the volunteers.