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Jill Connolly – Transgrancanaria 2023 – 25/02/23

Jill Connolly tackled one of Europe’s toughest ultramarathons, the transgrancanria – a brutal 79.5 mile/128km trail race from Las Canteras  in the north of Gran Canaria to Maspalomas on the southern coast including 23160 feet/7060m of elevation! Just to make the start line after the tough training regime required is an achievement in itself. Unfortunately illness ended this attempt as Jill missed the 52km cut off by a mere 5 minutes, but she will undoubtedly put this experience to good use next time! Ultrarunning is one of the few sports that sees amateur athletes line up alongside the best in the world, and the local ultra running community were eagerly tracking Jill and the overall female winner, the American ultra running legend, Courtney Daulwater. 5