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Strangford 5k & 10k, 25/08/23

Carter Rolston, Sebastian Mair and Steve Wise  raced the Strangford 5k on Friday 25th August while Emma Hegarty, Declan Magee, Gerard Adair and Pat Driscoll were  in action in the 10k. Carter finished 8th in a superb 17:49 with Sebastian coming 10th in 19:10 and Steve finished 17th in 20:35. Declan was first of the North Down runners to finish the 10k in 37:55. Gerard was next to cross the line in 48:06. Emma ran the 10k in 57;13 and Pat O’Driscoll reprised his role of NDAC sweeper, making sure the rest of his club mates were safely home , before completing the course in 1:14:06.

[photo: Carter Ralston and Sebastian Mair]