Dublin Marathon

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This year’s event was staged on Sunday in nearly perfect conditions which led to some great runs and at least 14 pb’s. Twenty one North Down athletes made the trip after months of committed training and they enjoyed the well organised and well supported run through the city.


Alan Massey 3:18:15 (pb)    Alasdair Mair 3:38:13


Alex Irvine 4:59:55 (pb)        Andrew Muir 3:14:49


Claire Garrad 3:58:34 (pb)  


Cliff McCausland 4:11:19 (pb)


Colin Walker 3:26:39 (pb)    Darren Hamilton 3:32:10


Donald Smith 4:00:49   Eamonn O’Reilly 3:07:13 (pb)


Fiona McQuillan 3:13:29 (pb)      Helen Irvine 4:34:35 (pb)


Joanne Kelly 4:07:55 (pb)   


Keith Gilmore 3:39:04 (pb)


Michael Stevenson 3:52:36 (pb)


Paul Dowey 4:13:14                        Paul Floyd 3:09:41


Paula Simpson 5:08:03


Philip Mulligan 3:21:53 (pb)       


Roberta Dornan 3:27:34 (pb)      


Steven Donegan 3:36:55 (pb)

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