Titanic 10K & 1K

The earlier than usual 10am start to this year’s Titanic races sparked 42 North Down athletes into action around the Titanic quarter. While there may have been a change in start time, there was no change in the ladies results with the ND ladies once again winning the team event.

The day started with the Massey siblings taking on the 1K race where Harris had two seconds to spare over his older sister as they finished in 15th and 17th, 3:32 and 3:34.

Rachel Gibson led the ladies home, narrowly missing out on 2nd place, with 3rd and in the process recorded yet another pb , 36:57 following her 3k and 5k best times. Back up arrived in the form of Katie Moore 38:57, Sarah Lindsay 39:08, Mellisa Eccles 39:20 and Jodi Smith 39:22 while Fiona McQuillan finished in 42:18.



Francis Marsh was the leading ND finisher with the men and easily won the M50 in the process clocking 35:29.


Nick Irvine continued his good form as he recorded 36:52 and Jack Bradshaw was next in with a time of 37:37 followed by David Massey, 37:51. Philip Ballie recorded 38:16 before Eamonn O’Reilly started his day off with 38:36 as a prelude to running back to Bangor with fellow marathon trainers, Philip Mulligan 40:33, Colin Walker 40:37, Sean Nickell 40:41, Alan Massey 40:41 and Andrew Muir 47:18.


There were additional age group prize winners to Francis Marsh including Terry Eakin 41:44 and Valerie Blayney 52:23. Cameron Jenkins had a great run to claim 2nd junior with a time of 42:05.











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