YDL Round 2

The second of three YDL’s this year took place at the Antrim Forum on Saturday.


The following young athletes competed for the club in their respective age groups.


U13 Boys                                                    U13 Girls


Andrew Brown                                         Poppy Dann    

Lukas Kenny                                             Stephanie Bell

Nathan Semple                                         Sophie Hoey

Oliver Smith                                              Niamh Fenlon

Lexx McConville                                      Hollie Massey

Charlie Lawden                                        Lucy Cheatley

Flynn Longstaff                                        Tilly McWhinney











U15 Boys                                                 U15 Girls


Adam Skelly                                            Megan Drummond

Daniel Playfair                                        Rose McGreevy                                                   

Ben Jenkins                                             Megan Briggs

                                                                    Tara McDonough










U17 Boys                                                 U17 Girls


Scott Henry                                              Chloe Walker

James McCaughey                                 Leah McClements

Troy McConville                                    Rachel McCann

                                                                    Aimee Johnston

                                                                    Murphy Miller

                                                                    Jessica Scott

                                                                   Anna Scott                                                                                                                               

                                                                    Amy Kimber  

                                                                    Sophie Longstaff

                                                                    Faye Nixon









Results Rd 2 -U13 and 15 B&G – 27th May 2017 – Antrim Forum

Results Rd 2 – U 17 &G – 27th May 2017 – Antrim Forum

Further photos from Desmond Loughrey photography