North Down Grand Prix

North Down AC 2018/19 Grand Prix

I am pleased to launch the 6th Annual Grand Prix with an exciting mix of races planned for the next 12 months. This year sees the addition of a couple of new events to shake it all up a bit.

All paid up club members will be included and it requires no commitment apart from an interest to race for the club, when you can, during the next year.

So, what is it all about?

We would like to encourage more of our members to race and participate in local races regardless of their ability. Often members are unsure which races to aim for, which ones have good support from the club and where they will be guaranteed to bump into a friendly face or two.

This year I invited our Captain’s (Helen Byers & Dennis Scott) to select the races. They have tried to choose a variety of race distances covering different terrain.

Remember no one person will excel at all so everyone is in with a chance.

And how does it work:

There is a selected race each month. 12 races over 12 months. The athlete with the most points at the end of the season wins.

Scoring System (separate league for men and women):

  1. Taking Part Points

10 points for completing the race – so everyone will get a benefit from just turning up.

  1. Position Points

10 points for being the first man/woman from the club; +9 points for being the second man/woman from the club; +8 points for being the third man/woman from the club; and so on down to +1.

  1. Bonus Points –
  1. Points for getting a course PB (excluding XC races) – don’t forget you’ll also get a PB if you’ve never ran that particular race before.
  2. 20 points for completing all 12 races

After each event the Grand Prix standings will be updated and published on to the club website (a link will be placed on members Facebook page).

Any queries/comments regarding the Grand Prix, please ask me.

So get planning, get training and book those races.

Good luck!



2018/19 Grand Prix Events


Month Race Location Terrain Distance Bonus Points Y/N
Nov Malcolm Cup Ballyclare XC 3m / 4m N
Dec Mighty Oaks Cookstown XC 3m / 5m N
Jan Mathieson Cup Mallusk XC 3m / 4m N
Feb NI & Ulster Senior Lurgan XC 6k / 12k N
Mar Walled City 10m Londonderry Road 10m Y
Apr Whitehead 5m Whitehead Road 5m Y
May Festival Of Miles Belfast Track 1m Y
Jun Comber 10k Comber Road 10k Y
Jul NDAC Open Track Bangor Track 2 short events Y
Aug Mount Stewart HM Newtownards Trail Half Marathon Y
Sep Laganside 10k Belfast Road 10k Y
Oct Armagh 10m Armagh Road 10m Y

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