Wicklow Way 50 Mile

Michael Stevenson undertook this amazing challenge on Saturday.  Here is a short account of the adventure/run:

Yesterday I did a race that I have always been apprehensive about doing because of the terrain involved mainly mountains but like Colin I have decided to face my fears and try to overcome them. I took part in the Wicklow Way Trail Ultra a 50 mile race over the Wicklow mountains my very first solo trail ultra race in the mountains. I did what Cara Jeffrey told me to do stand on the start line and think yourself a superhero (thanks Cara) and off I went at 0750 along the trail running back to the start line. Being a bit nervous of navigating my way back I ran with Mark Haigney and his cousin Marty (Thanks Mark for your company and being the tour guide). There wasn’t many tears but a few falls due to tiredness especially over Djouce but through bloody mindedness I carried on blood caked to my knees to the finish. Sitting here today sore with battered knees I feel happy that I finished and that I achieved in overcoming one of my fears.