Irish National Road Relays

The North Down ladies can’t stop performing and this time they took 2nd place in the Irish National Road Relays at Raheny.  The relay legs for the ladies was 1 mile Rachel Gibson, 2 miles Jessica Craig and 1 mile Sarah Lindsay.  Rachel led the girls off with a solid 5:13 first leg which placed 1st going into the 2nd leg where yesterday’s Ballynahinch 10k winner, Jessica Craig took the baton.  By the end of the 2 mile leg where Jessica clocked 11:02, the lead three teams had split from the rest with ND at the head of proceedings.  The traditional third and final leg sprint was left in the capable hands and legs of Sarah who fought well to bring the team home in 2nd place, a fantastic result given the quality of racing on show.

Dennis Scott led the men off in the fast paced first leg 2 miles, Francis Marsh 1 mile, Craig McMeechan 3 miles and Jamie McMeechan 2 miles.  Dennis ran a fine 2 lap time of 10:23 before Francis raced around 1 lap in 5:05.  Craig completed 3 laps in 15:19 and Jamie made it round the block twice in 10:59. The accumulated time for the 8 mile circuit was 41:46 which placed the guys 15th.


Full results ladies

Full results men